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Hi, my name is Gus (do pronounce it goose, please)and I am a Product designer. My Bachelor’s degree was in Animation and Digital Art, and I have a Masters of Fine Arts, with a focus on Visual Narrative. So I am often focused on how to create products with the main principles for character development. I am convinced that every time you act with a digital product it must feel like you are interacting with a character. This background has helped me before to create more consistent user personas.

User Personas

So whenever I have a new project on my hands, I…

Creative meeting.

Every time we are going to start a project at work, we have a meeting where we all talk about it so we can all be on the same page (developers, modelers, project owners). We have a whiteboard and we can all discuss the idea and we give our input so we can decide what is the best way to bring this project to fruition. So we deliver the tasks and carry on with the project. Here is a very interesting article on how to run a creative meeting, by the way.

After this part, I usually meet with the…

Cartoon drawing of Tlaloc, Aztec deity of rain
Cartoon drawing of Tlaloc, Aztec deity of rain

Since I was a kid, reading has not only been a form of entertainment, but also
shelter… I am from Cuernavaca, a city that is believed to be protected by the rain. For some reason, it seems that it only rains at night. Which is convenient for someone who works in an office but not for a kid who’s afraid of the rain.

When I was in college I took a couple of courses on programming and scripting. I would not be able to post a “Hello World” these days but I do remember a time the teacher said something like: “Years ago, computers defeated us humans in chess and Jeopardy! but we will never see the day when computers defeat humans in a game of Go.”

Go is a board game, very popular in East Asia: Korea, Japan, China, etc. My teacher used to say that the complexities and details of dominating Go were so numerous, and there are so many nuances…

Two peacocks looking at each other… very ornamental.
Two peacocks looking at each other… very ornamental.

The door opened and I entered the bedroom of an apartment I was looking to rent. No furniture or items inside, it was almost empty except for a frame in the wall. It was a photo of a peacock. As I stared at it, I could not shake one clear thought off my mind: I need to work on my portfolio.

A storytelling approach to design.

A year ago, I had the pleasure of reading Design is Storytelling, by the fabulous Ellen Lupton, and I can safely say that it is one of those books that changed my life. Since I majored in Animation, and my background leans more to storyboard and illustration, I have always defined myself as a storyteller.

I have worked as a Storyboard Artist, I have been a Character Designer, a UX and UI designer, and I am convinced we can approach every new design, and every new product, thinking of it as if it was a character.

User interface as a character

So you received the…

Cuando estaba en la universidad, en algún momento tomé una clase de programación. No me acuerdo de cómo programar pero sí recuerdo que el profesor dijo algo como: «Hace ya años que las computadoras lograron ganarnos a los humanos en el ajedrez y en el Jeopardy! Pero nunca vamos a ver el día en que las computadoras puedan ganar una partida de Go»

Go es un juego de mesa muy popular en el este asiático: China, Corea, Japón, etc. mi maestro solía decir que son tantas las implicaciones de jugar Go, que sobrepasan por mucho a simples reglas, y que…

Gustavo Reyes

Product Designer and illustrator:

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